Wide Calf Boots - Are They Right For Me?

A wide calf is a complexity reason for a lot of ladies. Some of them prefer to stay in shape and run on a regular basis. Others like sports, such as handball, or prefer to learn a self defense technique. Years later, they notice their feet are too muscular for the rest of their bodies and turn this aspect into a problem. There are also women who got muscular calves from mother nature and then there is not much to be done. There are various fitness techniques to help with this. The real problem is when they try to find the right footwear to make them look good. If you are in this situation, you should first of all change your attitude. Everyone can look fancy and glossy, you just need to find the right combination.

Wide Calf Leather Boots

Wide calf boots mean attitude. They are a very obvious personal declaration. Humor, fun, romanticism, artistic creativity, a retro spirit - no matter what you want to transmit, wide boots for big calves can do it. Create your own combination and wear it with confidence. How many times have you seen wide calf models in magazines? Don't take the trend too much into consideration. If something fits a skinny model, it doesn't mean it will fit you too.

What type of boots would come as an advantage for you? Winter is the most appropriate time for boots. Wide calf boots should normally be high, until below the knee. Stick to long or medium heels. They will make you look higher and define your feet better. Generally, no matter how high your heels are, they must be thick. Wide calves will cause walking difficulties. Even if you learn how to walk like a model, you will then encounter health problems and back pains. The line of your foot must be clearly noticeable. If your foot can't do it itself, high wide boots are the solution. The silhouette of the boots will create the illusion of nicely formed calves.

If you wear skirts, dresses, hoses or slim jeans, avoid the plus size boots with straight superior limits. For instance, UGG boots are out of discussion in this case. The same goes for short boots. They will direct everyone's attention on the fact that your calves are wide and don't have a defined shape.

However, winter is not the only season when boots are in trend. Whether you attend an elegant ceremony or your workplace implies an elegant outfit, winter boots for women will always make a good impression. Overall, exclude the round tip leather wide calf boots.

A lot of self called stylists recommend the wide boots for women, cowgirls and farmers only. Don't let yourself discouraged by that, since it is completely false. You won't have to forget about boots or move in the country side to be able to wear them. They are indeed common for those areas, to ensure some extra comfort. But, with a little imagination and a good outfit, you can always implement them in your daily apparel.